Luminary 10 for $10 Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Download MP3's Onto my Phone

Unfortunately, you cannot download them directly to your iPhone, but you can play them on your phone by clicking the player.

You can access the list here: Click on the player to play each episode on your phone.

If you want to put them directly onto your phone, you'll have to download them to a computer and upload them via iTunes. Once you've signed into your list on a computer, there is a download link on each luminary (see screenshot). 

Unable to find/access course/list

When you go to, sign in with your email and password using the link in the upper left. You should see the 10 for $10 on the page once you're logged in. If you don't see it, click on the All Courses link in the upper left.

I don't Want to Use PayPal

You can use the Guest Checkout on the PayPal page without using any PayPal account.

(NOTE: This option may not be available in all countries outside North America)

Unsubscribe from Notices

You can change your notification settings by clicking the "Edit notification settings" link in your course progress email (see screenshot) which will take you directly to the notifications setting page.

Or, you can log into your course account at (see screenshot). Click on the My Account link and then select Notifications. From the Notifications window you can select/deslect the emails you receive. (NOTE: The notices come automatically from the online course platform directly and are not controlled by

Change notification settings from your course progress email:

Changing Notification Settings from your account settings

1. Sign into your account

2. Go to Account Settings

3. Change Notifications