10 Luminary Episodes (List #1)

10 for $10!

You asked. I delivered.

I've often been asked “Out of all the podcasts you’ve done, which are your favorites?” or "My friends want to know how NSNG® works. Which podcasts should I have them listen to first?". After thinking about it, it became obvious that (1) my favorites are the podcasts where I learn something too, and (2) I was making it too hard for people to access my earlier podcasts.

From that, the idea for 10 for $10 was born. I scoured my 924 podcasts and selected the best 10 to introduce someone new to NSNG® (or refresh the memories of longtime NSNG® followers) -- among them, you'll find many Friday One-on-One podcasts with top doctors and scientists. And we've made them super-easy to access, via the web or your smartphone.

This essential bundle includes interviews with such NSNG® heavyweights as Gary Taubes, Nina Teicholz, Ivor Cummins and more. They are required listening for anyone who wants to truly understand how NSNG® works and how to get the most out of this lifestyle. 

Luminary Interviews (List #1)

  1. Dr. David Diamond
  2. Dr. Terry Wahls 
  3. Dr. Dominic D’Agostino
  4. Dr. Eric Westman
  5. Dr. Jason Fung
  6. Dr. Ron Rosedale
  7. Dr. Timothy Noakes
  8. Ivor Cummins
  9. Nina Teicholz
  10. Gary Taubes


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Luminary Episodes

Luminary List #1

  • Debunking Anti-Fat Studies with Dr. David Diamond – Episode 751
  • The Amazing Dr Terry Wahls – Episode 604
  • Ketosis and Weight Loss with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino – Episode 707
  • Adapting to a Low Carb Life with Dr. Eric Westman
  • Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss with Dr. Jason Fung
  • Controlling Leptin with Dr. Ron Rosedale
  • Angriest Trainer 256: Dr. Timothy Noakes
  • Ivor Cummins and the Cholesterol Conundrum
  • Nina Teicholz vs. Plant Bullies – Episode 778
  • Gary Taubes and The Case Against Sugar – Episode 731


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Luminary interviews including...

Gary Taubes

Dr Terry Wahls

Dr. Dominic D’Agostino

Dr. Eric Westman

Dr. Jason Fung

and many more!